Sourcing locally

We source traceable raw hides 
locally from responsible suppliers.

We are signatories to the UN Global Compact and we measure our performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible sourcing is part of our effort under Goal 15: Life on land.

We source 98.6% of our raw hides within the UK and Ireland, reducing our carbon footprint and transport needs.

Our hides are predominantly sourced from Scotland and Northern Ireland, chosen for their quality and suitability, as well as proximity, traceability and accountability. 39.2% of our raw hides are sourced within Scotland, from grass-fed net-zero carbon farms. That’s 78.1% of Scotland’s entire output of prime hides – as many as meet our quality standards.

All of our raw hides are a by-product of the beef and dairy industries. They are sourced directly from abattoirs that are licensed under UK and EU regulations and subject to daily inspections by Government veterinarians. This ensures that our hides come from healthy cattle herds, certified at the highest level for animal welfare by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

All our raw hide suppliers comply with the Five Freedoms Principles of animal husbandry, developed by the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council and adopted by animal welfare organisations around the world. 100% of our raw hides are supplied with Edible Certification, which enables us to pass on our by-products in turn for use in a wide range of other industries – another way we reduce waste and avoid landfill.

Our commitments

  • By 2020 Our suppliers shall be signatories to our Code of Conduct.

  • By 2022 We will be accredited to the UN Global Compact.

  • By 2025 We will reduce our direct impacts to become carbon neutral, as reported under SECR.

39.2% of our raw hides are sourced in Scotland from net zero carbon farms.

Download our full 2020 Sustainability Report as a PDF.

Raw hide sourcing

Scottish Leather Group’s eighth annual Sustainability Report summarises our activities and commitments on our journey towards a sustainable future.

Download our full 2020 Sustainability Report as a PDF.