Recycling water

We filter and recycle our used water
back into leather production.

We are signatories to the UN Global Compact and we measure our performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Water efficiency is part of our effort under Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation.

Our water-efficient tanneries use only half as much water per hide as our competitors and we filter and recycle what we use.

We primarily source water from our own loch – a natural, local source of clean Scottish water. Scottish water is world renowned for its quality. Our loch holds 37 million litres of clean natural water – equivalent to 15 Olympic sized swimming pools – and is certified Class 1 for purity.

Our own ultrafiltration plant enables us to recycle up to 40% of our wastewater back into leather production. This significantly reduces our intake from the loch, minimising impact on the local watershed.

Treated wastewater not re-used by us is further treated by Scottish Water before rejoining the ecosystem of the River Clyde as clean water. We complete this circular process by managing and maintaining the welfare of our loch.

Our commitments

  • By 2022 We will be accredited to the UN Global Compact.

40% of our wastewater is recycled back into leather production.

Download our full 2020 Sustainability Report as a PDF.

Circular water process

Scottish Leather Group’s eighth annual Sustainability Report summarises our activities and commitments on our journey towards a sustainable future.

Download our full 2020 Sustainability Report as a PDF.