Lowest carbon leather

We make the world's lowest carbon
intensity leather, at 1.4kg of CO2 per hide.

We are signatories to the UN Global Compact and we measure our performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Producing low carbon leather is part of our effort under Goal 12: Responsible production and consumption.

Our customers select us because we take sustainability as seriously as they do.

One of the key measures of sustainability is the reduction of carbon emissions. We lead the global leather industry, having reduced the carbon intensity of our leather by 86% since 2003.

98.6% of our raw hides are sourced within the UK and Ireland, minimising transportation mileage and further reducing carbon intensity. Grass-fed beef and dairy farms in Scotland operate at net-zero carbon, whilst the carbon footprint of British red meat is only 40% of the world average.

We generate energy for our facilities from our by-products, in a patented circular manufacturing process that radically reduces our waste to landfill.

We produce a range of innovative lightweight leather which makes energy savings in production and in turn helps our customers make their own fuel and carbon savings.

Our commitments

  • By 2020 Our suppliers shall be signatories to our Code of Conduct.

  • By 2022 We will be accredited to the UN Global Compact.

  • By 2025 We will reduce our direct impacts to become carbon neutral, as reported under SECR.

Our leather has only 1.4kg of embedded CO2 per hide.

Carbon Intensity

Scottish Leather Group’s eighth annual Sustainability Report summarises our activities and commitments on our journey towards a sustainable future.

Download our full 2020 Sustainability Report as a PDF.