Circular manufacturing

We use waste as fuel in our patented
circular manufacturing process.

We are signatories to the UN Global Compact and we measure our performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Circular manufacturing is part of our effort under Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

We are a Circular Glasgow ambassador, promoting Scotland’s place at the forefront of the circular economy.

Our Thermal Energy Plant, unique in the leather industry, enables us to convert solid waste to steam, circularising the manufacture of our leather and creating revenue from the sale of bio-oil.

In developing our own renewable driven, self-heating system we have already reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill by 63%. This reduction in landfill is a major landmark in our journey to zero waste by 2025.

Our innovative take-back scheme converts end-of-life leather into fuel for our thermal energy plant. Old leather contributes to the manufacture of new.

The tanning process generates co-products which are re-used as raw materials in a wide range of other industries, like the food and biofuel sectors. Ensuring that 100% of the raw hides we buy are supplied with Edible Certification widens the range of industries we can share them with.

Our co-products become valued materials for other industries.

Our commitments

  • By 2022 We will be accredited to the UN Global Compact.

  • By 2025 We will have zero process waste to landfill through circular manufacturing.

Circular manufacturing

Scottish Leather Group’s eighth annual Sustainability Report summarises our activities and commitments on our journey towards a sustainable future.

Download our full 2020 Sustainability Report as a PDF.